The 7 best smartphone cameras in the world right now

Cameras are very much a big deal for many of us, so we made a list of the best of them all.

  •  by Fu’ad Lawal (
The HTC U11.
playThe HTC U11.

One of the major features that guides the buying choice of most people today remains the quality of the camera.

You want to be able to share a photo that truly bangs. So we set out asking, what are the best smartphones on the market?

We went to DXO Mark. DXO Mark has a reputation as an independent camera quality tracker. In simple terms, they help create a benchmark of what to look out for in a camera phone. We looked at their ranking to see what cameras pop the most:

1. Google Pixel 2.

The Pixel 2 XL.playThe Pixel 2 XL.

 (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)


Google arrived late to the super smartphone game, but they are clearly not looking like they want to carry last. The camera does a great job at rendering colours in bright light and also excels better than most when performing in low light conditions. What makes this camera exceptional is how it manages to have a great Bokeh effect (image blurring in the background for potrait modes) and still have one lens. Other phones chose a second lens for this. Google chose machine learning. Badass.

2. Huawei Mate 10 Pro.


This phone only just touched down, but it already dethroned the superstar iPhone and Galaxy Note 8. It comes with a dual camera, like a lot of phones on this list. But in a different concept; it’s an RGB/monochrome dual-camera.

3. Apple iPhone 8 Plus.

The iOS 11 control center is displayed on the iPhone 8 Plus in New YorkplayThe iOS 11 control center is displayed on the iPhone 8 Plus in New York



“I’m the best camera ever,” that’s what the iPhone 8 Plus said, before the Pixel 2 came by of course. Besides the overall brilliance of this camera, one of its major strengths is it’s excellent High Dynamic Range (HDR). We get the feeling that the iPhone X is going to come and reclaim a better spot for Apple.

4. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has gotten the firm's highest pre-orders.playThe Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has gotten the firm’s highest pre-orders.

 (Getty Images)


This is Samsung’s latest shiny new toy, with its beautiful design and amazing camera. How does this camera stand out? It has the best zoom capabilities than any device on this list. It also does pretty well in low light.

5. Apple iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.playThe iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.



It is the best performing single lens smartphone on this list, second only to the Pixel 2. It’s a major upgrade from the iPhone 7 camera, with better exposure, improved dynamic range, and lower noise.

6. Google Pixel

There will be two new Pixel models.playThere will be two new Pixel models.



It’s the oldest phone on this list and it still remains one of the best smartphone cameras money can buy. Yes the Bokeh effect is not as good as with the Pixel 2. But it’s still a really good camera.

7. HTC U11

The HTC U11 with its glossy, highly reflective blue finish.playThe HTC U11 with its glossy, highly reflective blue finish.



This is HTC’s bargaining chip in the flagship game, and one of its major strengths is in low light conditions. The zoom is not so great either, but you can blame it. It belongs in the single camera end of things.

Conclusion: The truth is, in normal, average daily conditions, all of these cameras are really good and it’s not always quite easy to tell the difference. But if you have cash to spend right now, and cameras are your thig, you have to buy one of these


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