10 Easy Hacks For Extending Your Smartphone Battery Life

One of the more practical improvements to the next iteration of the iPhone will be its extended battery life, which supposedly is an improvement of two additional hourscompared to the iPhone 7. While we wait for the new smartphones to ship on November 3rd, here are some quick tips for squeezing more life out of your phone.

Say No to Automatic App Updates

A blessing and a curse. On the one hand, this feature saves us a tremendous amount of time from having to manually update every single one of our apps. The downside? Yep, you guessed it. It’s a huge drain on our battery life. To disable this feature, go into Settings, then tap iTunes, App Store and then find Updates within the Automatic Downloads section. Finally, toggle the slider to off/white.

Avoid Auto Backups Too

Don’t get us wrong, backing up your photos, videos, etc. is always a good idea because you never know what can happen that may cause unexpected damage to your phone. However, having your phone automatically do this all of the time will not help your case in consuming less of your phone’s energy. Instead, turn off auto uploads in your Settings by going to Photos & Camera and move the slider for My Photo Stream to off/white. As a better practice, only trigger uploads and backups when necessary.

Brightness Matters

Our iPhones are built with ambient light sensors that make adjustments to the screen’s brightness depending on the environment we’re in as a means of conserving battery life. One way to ensure you’re capitalizing on this is to turn on the Auto-Brightness feature, which will automatically signal to your phone to make the necessary adjustments so your screen won’t use more power than it needs to depending on where you are. To do this, find Display & Brightness within your main Settings then toggle the Auto-Brightness slider from white/off to green/on.

Another tip related to brightness is simply being mindful of the default brightness setting. The brighter it’s set, the more battery that is being conserved. When you can, adjust it to be dimmer for occasions where you can get by with a dimmer screen. This can be found and changed directly above where you turned off Auto-Brightness.

Watch out for Wifi and Bluetooth

Trains, planes, hotels and coffee houses are just a few examples of where hot spots await us. While these make it
seamless for communicating and working on the go, it can also be sucking the life out of our phones. In cases where you don’t need your phone to be detecting a WiFi connection for you, keep this feature turned off so it isn’t constantly working to pull location data and keeping your phone tapped into the Internet when you don’t need it. Turn off WiFi by going into Settings, selecting WiFi and switching the slide to off/white.

Oh btw, the same idea goes for Bluetooth. It’s great to have when you need to synch up with your wireless headsets or pieces but otherwise, it’s consuming power. To adjust this, find Bluetooth just underneath WiFi in your Settings and switching the slider to off/white.

Airplane Mode Isn’t Just for the Plane

The majority of us have more than likely been through the routine of sitting on a plane waiting to take off and being told to switch our phones to “Airplane Mode.” Though we don’t take planes on the daily, it’s also a heavily useful feature for the regular commutes we are taking and occasions where we may simply not want to be disturbed or disturb others such as dinners or movies. You can turn this feature on or off in your Settings by finding Airplane Mode designated by an icon with an orange background and a white plane.

Don’t Overcharge

Despite what intuition may tell us, charging beyond 100 percent actually doesn’t work in our favor. In fact, per a recent Lifewirearticle, it can cause our phones to develop unfavorable behavior. For example, being eager to charge your phone just because you’ve dipped slightly to 80 or 70 percent can, over time, cause your phone to adapt and operate as if that were the total capacity as opposed to a full 100 percent. The solution? As the Beatles said it best, let it be. Wait until at least 15 to 20 percent before reaching for your charger and plugging in.

How Many Apps Do We Really Need?

If you haven’t yet taken a look in your Settings, under Battery, you may want to and you’ll likely be surprised at what you find. Under “Battery Usage,” you’ll be presented with a detailed breakdown of the apps you use most and which is consuming the highest percentage of your battery, both in the last 24 hours as well as the last four days. Based the data, you may consider getting rid of some of the lesser necessary apps.

If you can’t possibly part with any of your apps, simply limit your use of the ones that are the most draining. Generally speaking, the biggest culprits are apps involved with streaming, browsing and gaming.

Low Power Mode is a Life Saver, Literally

While for most of us this feature automatically turns on when our phone hits roughly 20 percent, you can also manually turn this on in cases you may not be able to charge for an extended period of time and need your phone to last as long as possible. In a nutshell, Low Power Mode prevents your phone from things such as refreshing apps and updating your email inboxes constantly. It also disables motion effects and animated wallpapers that also consume a lot of power. According to Apple, Low Power mode can save you up to3 hours of battery life.

Vibration on Silent Only

Easy enough, right? Head over to your Sounds & Haptics settings and make sure your phone only vibrates when your ringer is off. It’ll avoid using that extra effort to have your phone ring and buzz at the same time.

Check Out Mophie Products

If you’re still struggling to make it to the end of the day without needing to charge, consider investing in a mophie charging case. For those planning to purchase an iPhone 8 or iPhone X, check the site for updates on stock of new products like charging docks.

While this is by no means an exhaustive list, we hope this roundup serves as a practical start to stretching your battery’s lifespan!


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