Can’t sleep due to stress? Here’s a cure

Everyone knows that stress can affect sound sleep. Now scientists have found a possible natural cure…

Copyright: bialasiewicz / 123RF Stock Photo

Research from the Japanese Sleep Institute found that octacosanol, the active component rich in in some foods, may reduce stress and help one get a good night’s sleep.

Octacosanol is abundantly present in sugar cane, rice bran, wheat germ oil and bee wax.

Researchers investigated the effect of octacosanol on sleep regulation in mildly stressed mice. They found that…

Octacosanol reduced corticosterone level in blood plasma, which is a stress markerThe octacosanol-administered mice showed normal sleep, which was previously disturbed due to stressThe sleep induced by octacosanol was similar to natural sleep and physiological in nature

These results demonstrated that octacosanol has potential to reduce stress and to increase sleep.

Is it safe?

Octacosanol can be considered safe for human use as a therapy, because it is a food-based compound and believed to show no side effects.

In fact, octacosanol supplements are already used for functions such as cholesterol lowering or to provide strength. However, well-planned clinical studies need to be carried out to confirm its effect on humans for its stress-mitigation and sleep-inducing potentials.

In the meantime, try adding rice bran or wheat germ oil to your evening meal – it may help making getting to sleep a little easier.

Source: University of Tsukuba


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