Football Betting Tips: Simple Newbie Guide And How Not To Lose Money

Football betting, especially the online version, has become common place in Nigeria. There are several reasons why this is so.

Some people point to the dire economic situation as the reason for the rise of football betting. Others see it as a symptom of the desire for quick money that seems to be in vogue.

Whatever the reasons, football betting is now an industry that provides employment for thousands of people, both young and old.

At the same time, many lucky winners of huge sums use the money to invest in profitable businesses. So like everything in life, there is a good side and a bad side to the issue.

If you are thinking of engaging in this aspect of life, this guide would teach you the things you need to know as a newbie.


Football betting is simply staking your money on the probability that a team would either win, lose or draw a football match.

These are actual football matches that are being played around the world. So it is largely a guessing game.

In more complicated scenarios, one could bet on variables like:

How many goals would be scored in a match?

Which team would score first?

Which player would score first?

Who would get the first corner kick and so on?

These are called ‘spot betting‘ in football betting. Though, it is not available in all leagues or countries


As a novice, you might be confused by the numbers, letters, boxes, columns, and rows on a betting slip.

However, most of the things there would not help you win money if you don’t understand how the ‘odds‘ are calculated or how they work.

Knowing football betting odds is what you really need to make money in this business.

The most popular method of showing odds in Nigeria is the decimal method. The means that numbers are placed between the two teams playing.

For example, you would see something like

Bayern Munich 1.95 X 10.5 Eintracht Frankfurt

It simply means the odds of Bayern Munich winning that match is 1.95, while the odds of Eintracht Frank winning is 10.5.

In practical terms, it means if you place money on Bayern Munich to win, you would make far less money than if you place money on Eintracht Frankfurt.

This is how you calculate your winnings: for example, if you place N100 on a Bayern win, you are likely to get

(100 X 1.95) – 100 = N95 as your profit (in total, you would make N195|).

But if you place the same amount on Eintracht Frankfurt winning, given the 10.5 odds by bookmakers, you are likely to get

(100 X 10.5) – 100 = 950 as your profit (your total winnings would be N1,050).

So basically, placing your bets on a team with higher odds would fetch you more money. However, the high odds mean that the probability of that team winning is very low.

So before placing your bet, you must have knowledge of the teams playing. Also, factors like:

How a team plays away from home

How good they are at home

Injury to top players

How good the top striker is playing at the moment, etc.

are very important in arriving at a final decision.

Simply put, the odds are arrived at after taking all these factors into consideration. There are also odds for drawn games and so on.


Many football betting fans in Nigeria prefer betting on the major league in Europe like

Premiership in England

Spanish La Liga

France Ligue 1

German Bundesliga

Italian Serie A

That is understandable as these are the popular leagues in Nigeria.

But if you want to make serious money from betting, you should treat it as a business and leverage on the leagues where you get higher odds.

All the above leagues have low odds. So your winnings can never be much. The following leagues give better value for money due to their high odds:

Italy Lega Pro Divisions

Italian Serie B

France Ligue 2

France National

Greece League

England Conference

Iran Division 1

Japanese J League

These leagues and many other little-known leagues are where you can get bigger odds.


How you bet, the number of bets you make and your strategies would impact on your winnings or gains. Some common betting strategies are:

Both teams to score

Double Chance


Under goals

Over goals

First half result


As a newbie just getting to grips to football betting, the Singles strategy and double chance should be your preferred options.

In Singles, you stake your money on any 5 teams, for example, to win or draw. With this method, unless you are extremely unlucky, you are likely to win some games.

Assuming you are staking N300 on five games, you would need N1, 500 to play.

The most money is made in the Accumulator strategy. At the same time, it is easier to lose all your money with this strategy.

As far as strategies are concerned, just go with the easier as first until you are very versed in the intricacies of football betting.


1. Never buy/pay for fixed games. People selling fixed or sure games are scammers

2. Make sure you use money you can afford to lose at first

3. Consider this as a business. So get as much knowledge of the leagues as you can

4. Don’t be greedy and be in a rush to make big money

5. Always use football betting and prediction sites to guide you. But don’t pay for anything. These sites are only good at analyzing and predicting matches.

The two sites below are good football betting prediction sites:

And you can use to monitor the results of live football matches across the globe.

6. Always learn from your losses. It is the best way to become experienced and an expert down the line.

Good luck!

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