How To Score High In 2017/2018 Post UTME Admission Screening Exercise Examination

This article is a guide on How To Score High In 2017/2018 Post UTME Admission Screening Exercise Examination that will be coming up soon. Are you a university aspirant who has fulfilled the first admission procedure by passing the Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination and now preparing for the upcoming 2017/2018 Post UTME Screening Exercise Examination? The battle is not over yet; you still need to overcome the next stage which is to pass the Post UME/Pre-admission screening to be fully admitted as a bonafide student of any of the universities in Nigeria. The case is not always with passing jamb; it is in passing the Post UTME Screening Exercise Examination designed by the University of your Choice. Now, this is a guide on how to pass Post UTME Screening Exercise Examination in any university of your choice hassle free.

1. MAKE SUE YOU GO THROUGH THE EXAM SYLLABLES: Most students don’t read until the exam is fast approaching before they start cracking the hard kernel, you are not helping yourself. Waiting till two months to examination is an announced failure, no offence though. There are people who will start studying two weeks to exams and make it but please don’t try it; you may be surprised it doesn’t work out for you that way.

2. READ POST UTME PAST QUESTIONS: It is quintessential of a visionary student that you dig in and get a compiled copy of the university’s past question and answers. This is very important as it helps to widen your thinking faculty, exposing the scope and procedure by which examinations are set and how to answer the questions without getting confused by the technicality of the question and the way they are being set. This is also essential as past questions is usually like an expo helping you understand the angle from which questions might come from, though some questions are usually repeated, it is important to read all through noting vital points. You can get the past questions downloaded into your phones as these days, paper copies are fast diminishing but you can still go for it if you wish to

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3. CHECK THE SCHOOL CUT OFF MARK: Before you even apply for Post UTME Screening Exercise, you should make sure your score marches or is above the university’s cut off mark before you apply. Some universities’ cut off mark is usually 200 like UNN, UI and other institutions while others are from 180. You need to be sure with your score; you can apply for Post UTME Screening Exercise Examination and stand a chance of gaining admission. If you are not sure, you are advised to get a change of course/institution form before the deadline. Have handful knowledge about the school so you know what you’ll expect to see and won’t be frightened when you do. If a Candidate with 200 gets a higher score in the Post UTME than that of a candidate with 321..then the former will be considered for admission ahead of the latter.

4. APPLY FOR POST UTME SCREENING EXERCISE EXAMINATION: When applying, keep your options clear and focused on what you want and go for it. Get to know the venue for your exam/screening and keep your examination date at the back of your mind or on a special journal so you don’t forget because if you miss your date, that is immediate failure, no turning back.

5. ON THE DAY OF YOUR EXAM: You are advised to arrive early on your screening date. If you live far from the exam town, you are expected to arrive your exam town before the date, lodge somewhere safe and prepare for the exam. When you arrive early, it’ll grant you time to locate your hall and get settled.

6. FOCUS ON THE EXAM : In the examination hall, make it your business to focus, disregard any thing that may distract you. Do not be involved in malpractice because if the caught, the consequence will be awful. Be thorough and read the questions repeatedly understanding each before answering and don’t be in a haste to submit, go through your work again to correct the errors before submitting. With this article I think you got all it takes to make it; time, the brain, your books and most importantly, God first. Go for it. Good luck to you.


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