Natural secret to conquer mouth odour.

What more can be as embarrassing as being unable to speak out in the midst of friends and families? It is a shameful experience to have your spouse decline your attempt for a kiss. A very close friend of mine once suffered this fate, most times I seize my breath while he speaks because it might embarrass him to see me cover my nose. He had lost several friends because of this. Thank God for

Frank complained bitterly to me about this his condition since I was his bosom friend, he told me how bad it was that he often had to speak less even among his family members it was worst among mates in school so he had decided to keep to himself. He had no girl friend either. He had used mouth wash on several occasions with no good result. Hoping for a solution, he went to the hospital the dentist referred to my friend’s condition with all sorts of names such as; ozostomia, fetor oris and stomatodysodia. But first they needed to check his blood sugar level since diabetes can cause halitosis. The doctor then warned that other diseases such as liver disease, lungs disease and cancer. It was obvious that Frank’s mouth odor resulted from poor oral hygiene.

See the natural secret to conquer mouth odour (the most humiliating condition)

We must be very watchful of what we eat and the times we do most people eat raw onions and locust beans often because of its health benefit but are we aware it triggers halitosis? Often times we find ourselves eating suya with all sorts of fresh ingredients and don’t even bother to take care of our teeth and mouth before sleeping. Diary meat and fish leaves some particles of proteins in the gums and in between teeth they are being fed upon by anaerobic, sulfur- producing bacteria they don’t even require oxygen to grow and multiply. The tongue and gums can produce unpleasant smelling gases and can lead to tooth decay. Chronic dry mouth and problems from the salivary gland can cause mouth odor.

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Frank yielded to the dentist’s advice and avoided suya completely, ate meals rich in fiber, drank green and black tea and would constantly use the mouth wash for washing his mouth. But little did we know that the alcohol in the mouth wash is a drying agent so it can lead to dry mouth no wonder smokers and alcoholics suffer mouth odor. I am putting this up today, because I was instrumental to his breakthrough. Although it took us close to two years to find this solution but glad we eventually did. I was consistently searching for solution. I read so many books and surfed the internet. The internet eventually did miracle as I dazzled into this Frank has the freshest of all breaths today I think I am quite envious. See the natural secret to conquer mouth odour (the most humiliating condition) No matter how long you have suffered this or how many times you have attempted to earn back your self esteem I am 100% optimistic that you will be amazed with the results in a matter of days. Visit the only sure solution to halitosis. Please remember to be watchful of what you eat and maintain good oral hygiene.


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