How to make your eyes look whiter and brighter

make your eyes look whiter and brighter

As we age our eyes change too, and not just regarding how they perform but also how they look to others. While burst blood vessels are relatively common, yellowing, dullness and discolouration are even more so. While there is now a cosmetic procedure that can whiten eyeballs, this is quite drastic, especially when there are easy, pain-free hacks to achieve brighter eyes – no needle required!

                 ~Blue eye shadow~

Legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor wasn’t just known for her acting roles but also for her piercing violet eyes. But what was her secret? It wasn’t just genetics, but also her use of deep-indigo eye shadow.

Because indigo and yellow are opposite to each other on the colour wheel, it means that one shade can be used to neutralise the other, much like how we do colour-correcting makeup. This means that wearing indigo eye shadow, or even blue mascara, will make your eyeballs appear less yellow.

                        ~A cold spoon~

This old-fashioned hack really has stood the test of time and is still relevant today: keep a metal spoon in the freezer to use when your eyes need some TLC. Why? Cold spoons help to relax expanded capillaries that can cause redness. Massaging some coconut or facial oil under your eyes and covering them with a cold spoon can also help to minimise puffiness.

                 ~Over-the-counter drop~

One of the most effective ways to make your eyeballs whiter in a hurry is to use eyedrops, which add moisture to the eyes and reduce redness. This shouldn’t be done too regularly, as you could develop a dependency issue, but if used in moderation this is a tried, tested and trusted solution. Make sure you’re using clean eyedrops bought from a pharmacist and always toss out any expired drops. 

                ~Soya milk~

Another liquid that can help to whiten the eyeballs is soya milk. This is because it’s rich in anti-inflammatory proteins. Soaking two cotton-wool balls in soya milk and placing them over your closed eyes for a few minutes can help to reduce bloodshot eyes and also decrease puffiness in the area.

                  ~Long-term goals~

We all know that beauty starts from within, so what we put into our bodies is just as important as what we do to the outside when it comes to looking good. This goes for eyes as well, and eating foods such as carrots, which are high in vitamins A and C, drinking more water and avoiding dehydrating liquids such as caffeine and alcohol will help keep your peepers in good condition. 


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