Transgender man gives birth to bouncing baby boy a year after having a miscarriage (photos)

​- An Oregon-native transgender man has given birth to a baby boy
– He was born female and had to stop taking transgender hormones so he could conceive
– Initially, he suffered a miscarriage before getting pregnant again
– Despite the fact that stories like these are amazingly prominent, the transgender man thinks trans men having children will stay extraordinary

A 34-year-old transgender man has delivered his first biological baby.
The man identified as Trystan Reese welcomed his bouncing baby boy a few days ago. He birthed the baby with his gay hubby.

Reese who was born a girl begun hormone therapy a little over a decade ago but opted to keep her female organs – resulting to pregnancy and the subsequent birth of baby Leo.

A transgender man named Trystan Reese, 34, gave birth to a healthy baby boy this month. Courtesy: Mail Online

The parents imparted their happiness over the news to a few news outlets with Trystan revealing he was “excited” and exhilarated.

Despite the two having two kids whom they initially adopted, Trystan’s husband is said to have not been open to the lovebirds having kids together.

Joy: Little Leo was born two weeks ago with a clean bill of health. Courtesy: Mail Online

Apparently, when Trystan suggested the same to his husband, Biff reportedly took a little while before giving in to the idea.
Reports of the couple birthing a healthy infant was particularly overwhelming, taking into account that Trystan had endured a miscarriage a year ago.

Big news: This is the first biological child for Trystan (left) and his husband Biff Chaplow (right). Courtesy: Mail Online
Soon after, the couple begun trying again under the superintendency of specialists with Trystan ceasing surrendering his testosterone treatment.

Trystan at first needed to sit tight for a year before getting pregnant again.

Despite the fact that stories like these are amazingly prominent, the transgender man thinks trans men having children will stay extraordinary. Courtesy: Mail Online

However, given the inconveniences of restarting and afterward halting the testosterone once more compelled the fathers to accelerate their plans.


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